Quilting Tips - Half Square Triangles (HST) 4 at a Time Method learn to quilt quilt tips Feb 28, 2023

Make 4 HST @ a time

Does your block call for 4 Half Square Triangles (HST)? 

…Here's a quick & fun way to creating 4 HST at a time. 

  1. start with two squares of equal size
  • position them right sides together 


  1. stitch...
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Quilting Tip - Strip Sets learn to quilt quilt tips Feb 14, 2023

*TIP - Strip Sets - Before You Sub-Cut Try This

 …Here's a quick cutting tip when working with strip sets. 

Before you begin sub cutting, start by squaring down your strip set

 1. line up your ruler marking

  • on the seam line where the two fabrics meet
  • at the size needed


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