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Quilting Tips - Half Square Triangles (HST) 4 at a Time Method

learn to quilt quilt tips Feb 28, 2023

Make 4 HST @ a time

Does your block call for 4 Half Square Triangles (HST)? 

…Here's a quick & fun way to creating 4 HST at a time. 

  1. start with two squares of equal size
  • position them right sides together 


  1. stitch an accurate quarter inch seam, all the way around your squares
  • pivoting with your needle down at the corners

TIP: it doesn't really matter if you stitch off the corners (not pivot), as this will get cut off in the next step 

  1. give your stitched squares a quick little press to set your seams 
  1. then cut from corner to corner


now your HST are ready to square down

TIP:  if using the quilt in a day ruler, (squaring HST folded) position your ruler marked line just on the top edge of the stitch line…this will allow for the fold


TIP: Positioning your pinky on the side of the ruler – helps stabilize your ruler from slipping. 

  1. make your cut
  • here’s a good time to remove those dog ears… to avoid the extra bulk


  1. press towards the dark
  • or whatever direction indicated on your pattern
  • repeat for your remaining HST


…and VOILA… 4 HST

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