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Quilting Tip - Strip Sets

learn to quilt quilt tips Feb 14, 2023

*TIP - Strip Sets - Before You Sub-Cut Try This

 …Here's a quick cutting tip when working with strip sets. 

Before you begin sub cutting, start by squaring down your strip set

 1. line up your ruler marking

  • on the seam line where the two fabrics meet
  • at the size needed

 2. before making the cut

  • also check on the opposite side
  • to make sure that you're within your measurements

 TIP: Positioning your pinky on the side of the ruler -  helps to stabilize your ruler from slipping.

 3. then make the cut

 4. Repeat on the opposite side

 Now your strip set will be the exact size (width) needed.

5. Ready to sub-cut

 This will save you time from having to square down each individual piece

and once you sub-cut your units... they are all ready to go! YAY!!

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