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Quilt Creators Club March - Arrowhead Puzzle Block Party

quilt blocks quilt creators club quilting Oct 20, 2021

This Block  is so much fun!

This month's block is called Arrowhead puzzle / or also called Garlic knots.

It's just one of those "gift" blocks... it simple to create yet it is not afraid to take centre stage. 

This is a simple block, that we would normally piece all the individual little blocks together, which takes more I want to share with you  a little "hack" to construct this block super quick!

This may even become your go to block – when you need to make a quick quilt!


AND the bonus ...we can still make it look scrappy, using this quick piecing method

We have 2 size options this month 

  1. 6” fin
  2. 12” fin


WEEK #1 –

  1. Project reveal
    1. Choose your colour way
      1. Start pulling your fabrics
    2. Choose your block sizes
      1. Preparing your strips 

This project lends itself wonderfully to scrappy look and/or planned 

If you have your scraps organized in strips... yay for you.. you're all set!

We have a new little challenge this month inspired by on of the comments in our Club. 

WEEK #2-  project tutorial

  • How to construct
  • Sub cut
  • Different placement ideas/ different looks
  • Share tips
    • Assembly
    • Pressing

WEEK #3  

  • Q&A
  • Show & tell of your blocks

WEEK #4 – quilting ideas

This is also the month that one of our members suggested a fabulous idea.. If they could receive the directions for the block in the same size  in order to accumulate blocks to create a sampler ... and now we have sampler project going on the side... now that's efficiency lol!! I'm so excited to start seeing how they are set.. our club creators are so creative and inspiring! 

Here's what our members have been creating... 

What’s our Quilt Creators Club...

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Finished projects




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