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Long Arm Quilting - Susan’s Quilt

free hand quilting gammill long arm hobbs batting long arm quilting quilting superior threads Sep 30, 2021

📍Throwback Thursday

...ahhh blue & yellow quilts... don’t you just love that combination? Do you have one (or maybe more)... show it off in our Bee (our Free FB community) ... we’d love to see it!! 💕 

🧵 It was such fun custom quilting this fabulously pieced top by Susan! The quilting is just so happy with the bubbles and swirls as a background fill to make Sue’s beautiful stars pop... And the straight line quilting is always stunning on busy fabric such as this beauty!

Watch it on YouTube HERE

Quilted all freehand with ruler work on my Gammill Classic non stitch regulation, using Superior Threads & Hobbs Batting

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