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Long Arm Quilting - Debbie’s Wedding Gift Quilt

free hand quilting gammill long arm hobbs batting long arm quilting quilting superior threads Oct 18, 2023

Ohhhh this king size beauty turned out Amazing!!! I say that because ... the quilting was not the original plan that I had so beautifully laid out on paper. 🧐

👉Nope... the needle had plans of its own... crazy I know ... but best decision to just go with it! 🤪

It was such an honour to quilt this spectacularly pieced top by Debbie for her son & daughter in law as a wedding gift.

I love how
👉the thread sparkles like diamonds 💍
👉the circles for the circle of life
👉and the arrows like a compass guiding them home
Perfect for a wedding quilt!

Yes! ... we both cried a little at the quilt reveal lol!!! 🥲 😂

Watch it on YouTube HERE

Here’s a little peak at the back side...

📍 Quilted all freehand with ruler work on my Gammill Classic non stitch regulation, using Superior Threads & Hobbs Wool Batting

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