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Quilt Creators Club January - All About Scrappy

quilt blocks quilt creators club quilting May 14, 2021

Scraps, scraps, scraps! 

Yes we all have them. It’s pretty much a given if you are a quilter... you likely have built up a scrap stash.

I Don’t know about you… but I keep every tiny little scrap because you never know when you might just need that teeny tiny piece of fabric!! lol!! 

What about you? Do you

  • toss your fabric scraps?
  • or hang on to every little piece?
  • Or does it depend on the size?

Q: So what do we do with all our scraps?

A: that’s easy – make quilts

There are countless amounts of easy projects

The ideas of what to create … are not the issue

Q: how do we effectively & actually use our scraps to make these quilts

Because if we have to

  • dig through piles of scraps,
  • all different colours
  • different shapes & sizes
  • everything packed tight into that one bin or bag, or basket

 And have to sort, iron & cut all before even starting... I don’t know about you but that doesn’t seem to enticing to me!?!

I know I just want to get right to sewing... right?

And often what happens is that we just don’t end up using them

And they keep pilling up!

So let's fix that! 


week #1

  1. different organization ideas
  • how to get the best use of our scraps
  1. different cutting ideas
  • preparation tips
  • So that everything is ready to go when you are - Yay! 
  1. Different types of scraps quilt
  2. Tips on managing the scrap pile
  3. Preparing & cutting for projects

WEEK #2-  Project Reveal

This month there are several options for different size strips 

  • projects with 2” strips
  • projects with 1 ½ strips

WEEK #3  Q&A 

  • What kind of quilts to create?
  • How to use your scrap stash?
  • Do you use only scraps?
    • Scraps & yardage
      • How to Start 1st in your stash of scraps
    • More ideas on how to use your scraps to the fullest

WEEK #4 – Quilting ideas

There are so many ways to quilt a quilt

Today we’ll go over

  1. Straight line ideas
  2. All over ideas
  3. Custom ideas

 Take a look at the amazing scrappy creations from our members

What’s our Quilt Creators Club...

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What's our Quilt Creators Club?... find out here 

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