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3 Step by Step Methods to Prepare Your Applique Shapes

The starch method for a clean crisp finished edge - looks like hand appliqué but is finished in half the time with your machine. The fusible web method for a fun raw edge. A quick & simple bias stem method.


How to Successfully Use Decorative Threads

Invisible thread and decorative threads all require a little special attention to achieve the desired look. These tips will help you:  *Select the appropriate thread for the method used. *Be confident in adjusting your tension for ease of stitching.  *Choose the right needle based on your thread choice for successful appliqué.



How to Master the 3 Most Commonly Used Applique Stitches

The zig zag, hem and blanket stitches are commonly available on most domestic sewing machines.  By practicing these stitches you will learn to:  *Master the intricacies of each stitch to round corners and finish points. *Choose the appropriate stitch for the desired look.

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-Debbie A-
I can't thank you enough for all of the planning, preparation, work, and effort that you thoughtfully and generously put into this very comprehensive, informative, and professional live workshop! You are so knowledgable, and you have such an easy and relaxed way of presenting the material. I am astonished at how much I learned from you today. Thank you so much for the AWESOME workshop...by far one of the best I have ever taken...


-Carol M-
A really good seminar, Manon. Even though I have done alot of self-taught applique, your info and tips re-affirmed many of the techniques I use. I liked the bias stems even though I have never tried that. And I never knew what to do with the tips of the leaves in the mylar template technique. And it was interesting to see how you could skip from unit to unit without breaking thread. Good Show, Manon.


-Tracy H-
Thanks Manon! I enjoyed your class today you did a fantastic job! I look forward to many more of your classes!


-Mary G-
Absolutely loved your applique class! You have such an easy and relaxed way of presenting the material. The time just flew by. One of the takeaways that I will implement in my next applique project is using microtex needles with the invisible thread. There is so much information that I gained from this class. I plan on keeping my applique flower until I get enough done to set them together in a small quilt. Looking forward till your next class. 🙋‍♀️


Manon thank you for the workshop. Very informative. I learned sooo much. Loved it!!!!💕You gave me many tips I can use. Thank yo


Manon thank you for the wonderful tutorial. Excited to do more! 😁😁😁

Workshop Details...

WHAT   On Demand video workshop 

WHEN   Coming Soon!!

GOAL     To confidently add 3 machine appliqué techniques to your toolbox and successfully use decorative threads and stitches for beautiful appliqué.  

DETAILS    All details will be sent to you via email such as your supply list and .pdf handouts and your link to access the workshop.

BONUS    Access to a private community to share your creations and get your questions answered!! 

COST    $47.00

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