Create your own quilts from start to finish 

The quilters' step by step guide you need to create your own quilts without wasting time, money or feeling overwhelmed 

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If you are a quilter looking to create your own quilts from start to finish...

without feeling overwhelmed or confused about your next steps than you already know that….


As creatives, it is such a satisfying feeling to create something handmade. Right!?! And isn't it  even more rewarding when the entire process goes smoothly and your project turns out the way you expected or better?

Image that feeling of knowing what your next steps are or having all the little tips and tricks up your sleeve to get you "unstuck" so that you can confidently create your own quilts without wasting time or worst that beautiful fabric.

Well... You've come to the right place my friend, as this is all possible for you inside this learn to quilt series.


  • Overwhelmed by all the fabric choices?

    What's a fat quarter, a fat eight a jelly roll or even a charm pack? Why are there so many shades of red, blue? How come when I bring my fabrics home they don't match with my other fabrics?  Where do I even begin to put a collection together?
  • Frustrated with blocks not lining up?

    How come my seams are not matching? What's this about "nesting" my intersections? 
  • Discouraged with your points ending up cut off? 

    How come my points are not "sharp" & "pointy" ? They don't even look like a point!
  • Dissapointed with wavy borders?

    Why aren't my borders laying flat? What's up with all this rippling?
  • At a loss about quilting it? 

    Well, I finally pieced a top, now what? What design do I choose? What about the thread? Do I need a quilting foot? How do I go about it? Sandwich what's that... I thought we were quilting here, not making lunch!
  • Unsure how to finish it? 

    How do I prepare the binding? You mean, there is more than 1 way to do that? Why do I need a sleeve and a label? Where do I get those?

I KNOW HOW YOU ARE FEELING...  Because I have been exactly where you are now! 

Asking all the same questions.. and feeling frustrated not only because nothing "seamed" to be lining up but all that time and money being wasted.  I remember the exact moment I realized there had to be a better way. I was in our spare bedroom, sitting in front of a borrowed sewing machine (Mamans') freemotion quilting my first top (which none of the seams lined up by the way...for real, I'll show it to you) with the walking foot .. you know that big cluncky white foot that's meant for straight lines... Yaaa that one!  But when you don't know you don't know right? I felt so  discouraged with all the time, money and effort I put into this quilt, only to be disappointed with the end result!  Needless to say, it did not turn out as I had hoped!! I realized then, the fastest and easiest way to create the quilts I imagined would be to learn from someone who had already "been there/done that" and had paved the way!



    With my simple accurate cutting techniques  

    With my precision piecing approach  

    With my easy perfect piecing tips

    With my simple measuring and pressing techniques  

    With my layout approach to quilt any top   

    With my easy finishing methods








Shh...I'm going to let you in on a little secret...

Anyone can learn to quilt, the secret is knowing where to start and what steps come next! 

The One Course that Gives You Everything You Need to Create Your Own Quilts from Start to Finish

  • 6 Modules with Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Easy to Consume Video Trainings
  • All the PDFs & Resources You Need
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A with Manon
  • Access to our Private Facebook Community
  • Lifetime Access to all Content

6 Modules

6 modules in the workshop to walk you though "stitch by stitch" to create your own quilts from start to finish.

Training Videos

Each week a new module will be released with easy to consume training videos These will cover everything from cutting to finishing with binding, label and sleeve. 


Each module includes all the worksheets, pdfs and tools you need to help you create.


Weekly LIVE Q&A's in our private Facebook group to answer questions and take a deeper dive into that weeks' module. So much learning happens here, not only from having your questions answered, but also from the questions of others!

Facebook Community

You will be invited to join a private Facebook community to connect with like-minded creatives to encourage and support each other while learning & growing together as you go through the workshop.

 How We'll Help You Create 

Module 1

Preparing Our Fabrics

How do we make the first cut? Where do we start? How does this ruler & rotary cutter work? What is the crossgrain, the lengthwise grain & bias..what? Why is the fabric folded? How do we use our tools? All this and more is addressed here in our 1st module. We'll get cozy with our Rotary Cutter, Mat & Ruler as we learn to prepare our fabrics.

Goal: Confident Cutting 
  • Preparing your fabric
  • Using your tools
  • Rotary Cutting techniques
  • Straightening your fabric
  • Cutting strips
  • Subcutting from strips
  • Cutting blocks
  • Squaring blocks 
Module 2

Perfect Piecing & Pressing

Ever wonder how quilters create different shapes with their fabrics? How do the intersections nest? What's nesting? Why all the pins or not? How do you achieve sharp points? What's the difference between pressing and ironing? Why does it matter? We'll dive deep into successful patchwork with our 1/4" foot.

Goal: Successful Patchwork
  • Preparing units
  • Stitching 4 patches
  • Stitching half square triangles
  • Constructing rows
  • Joining rows together to create a center design
  • Squaring blocks  
Module 3

Border Techniques

How do we get those borders to lay flat? How do we cut those borders? Will they need to be pieced? All secrets revealed for beautiful borders 

Goal: Beautiful Borders
  • Preparing borders
  • Which grain to cut from
  • Border measurements
  • Where to start
  • Attaching borders
Module 4

Preparing our Tops for Quilting

Your top is complete.. now what? Piecing, that was only part 1 of the process. How to prepare your layers. What's a "sandwich"? What do you need? What product to use and how? 

Goal: Sweet Sandwich
  • Preparing our layers

  • Batting options

  • Backing options

  • Options for layering

  • "Sandwiching” process

Module 5


Where to begin? What thread to choose? Why are there loops on the bottom? What is tension? How does it work? What design to choose?  So many choices to think about!!! This will all be broken down in easy manageable information to cut the overwhelm.

Goal: Successfully Machine Quilting Your Top - Adding Options to Your Toolbox 
  • Selecting the right foot
  • Quilting designs
  • Thread options
  • Tension issues
  • Machine quilting your top
Module 6

Finishing Touches  

Yay, we're almost there!! How to add all the finishing touches so you can finally call it a quilt?!?

Goal: Fabulous Finish
  • Preparing & attaching binding
  • Finishing the binding
  • Preparing & attaching a sleeve
  • Preparing & attaching a label 

Quilter's Satisfaction Guarantee 

I know this workshop will give you all the tools to successfully start creating your own quilts. Everything I've learned over the years and shared has already helped hundreds of quilters and it can work for you too! 

However, I want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. We just ask that you give the workshop a fair chance. If you have done the work and it's not for you before Module 2 is unlocked, we will give you a complete refund!

Hello Hello 

Manon here...Helping quilters create and finish their quilts is what lights me up! Whether you are new to quilting or have tried it in the past and are looking for a refresher... this is the one workshop that gives you all the information + all the tips and tricks (no holdbacks) to successfully create your own quilts.  

Still have questions? Send me an email @ [email protected].com I'd love to hear from you!

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