Quilt Preparation Tips

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Photo by  Dinh Pham  on  Unsplash

Photo by Dinh Pham on Unsplash

We love quilting, and we're so glad you do, too! Here are some of the best quilting tips and tricks we've learned over the years:

  • Your backing and batting must be a minimum of 4” larger than your quilt top on all sides.
  • If piecing your back, remove the selvages in the seam allowance. Selvages may be left on the outer edges. Press the seams open. Square your backing ensuring that you have 4” or larger on all sides.
  • If piecing your back to make a “reversible quilt” choose a design that does not need to be perfectly centered as it is nearly impossible to perfectly center the back to the top on the quilting frame.
  • If using a wide backing, leave selvages on.
  • Check for loose threads and holes. Clip extra threads as they will show thru lighter fabrics.
  • Press your quilt top and backing. The quilt top and backing will be as wrinkle free as your piecing allows.
  • Wavy borders do not quilt properly. We recommend you lay your quilt top on a large flat surface to ensure that your quilt lays flat without puckering. Please correct this prior to bringing your top in otherwise an additional charge will be applied to correct this problem.
  • If your borders are pieced, it’s a good idea to stay stitch around the entire edge of the border to avoid seams coming apart.
  • Please do not pin or baste the 3 layers of your quilt together as they are mounted individually on the frame.
  • Your quilt top must be free of any embellishments such as buttons etc.
  • Please indicate clearly if your quilt top and or backing has a TOP
  • Please call if you have any questions.

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